I am celebrating the new years today! I’m preparing to have new things in the new year. New projects, new auditions, new bookings, new agents, new scripts, new pilots. New living quarters because I don’t like the apartment or neighborhood I live in. New content on on the Youtube page (kenyontvlive shameless plug). New meetings! New friends. Forget what Drake says because I’m always down to meet new friends. So to start this day of my 2015 off right I have a new interview I did with the Girlz In The Wood podcast! These talented girls showed me so much love as I talked about my journey in acting thus far. Make sure you check them out every week for great interviews. http://http://shoutengine.com/GirlzintheWood/shake-what-yo-momma-gave-you-with-kenyon-long-5264girlzinthewoodhttp://shoutengine.com/GirlzintheWood/shake-what-yo-momma-gave-you-with-kenyon-long-5264 .

studio city websiteGood news folks. We now get to see all of the behind the scenes magic we created for the Pilot for Studio City. The website is live as of today and it has b-roll footage as well as interview footage. Also click on the site because we just finished our radio interview. We got a chance to talk about the pilot and the audition process. So enough of the talking go ahead and check it out for yourselves! http://www.studiocityshow.com

Most of the cast went out to promote the Studio City on the red carpet for Doc Skulley Producer Showcase. As you can see we always have fun wherever we go. It was cool because we were interviewed by BiteSize TV. Once the interview comes up I will have it posted. This is maybe 2nd red carpet I’ve done but this was by far the best one.I know 1 out of 2 ain’t bad! lol. The energy of my cast members was great! Doing Ellen style Selfie’s and telling jokes. I personally think if you take everything so seriously then you will miss out on life. Why not enjoy all of the moments no matter how small or big. It’s really a goal to have my work become fun and getting paid for it. I don’t want it to feel like just another job. Afterwards we headed to Jerry’s Deli to sign postcards. Ah Just another day living the dream.





Had a great time on the pilot shoot for Studio City. The cast was amazing and the crew was top notch! One of my goals as a comedic actor is to be a series regular on a sit-com. This was a great opportunity and I was blessed to share the stage with some talented actors. Will it get picked up? I hope so. If not its another notch in the belt of success I am building.

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Great news. I booked a Pilot! The show is called Studio City and I play a regular cast member named JT. We have been rehearsing for the past 2 weeks and it has been great. All my cast members are talented and awesome! We will be filming next week. I will be providing updated photos and video as I embark on this first time journey. The sit-com is about a group of close college friends who move out to Hollywood to go for  their dreams. Here are a few shots from the rehearsals. Make sure you like our page on facebook at Studio City Show and on Twitter.
rehearsal 2 studio city rehearsal

Awww skit!! I can’t stop going in. Kanye is back again and he is taking on the worlds best expert for your health.. Herbal Life! Me and Rocky come back with another one. Written by Kenyon Long & Rocky Cusseaux. Feat Eboni Gentry, Kenyon Long and Rocky Cusseaux. Directed by Kenyon Long.

Check me out in the new hilarious episode of Howton U. It was great working with the cast and crew on this set because it was a house party. Aint nuffing like a good house party. Make sure you follow the series and ofcourse follow me on kenyontv on ya youtubes!