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Great news. I booked a Pilot! The show is called Studio City and I play a regular cast member named JT. We have been rehearsing for the past 2 weeks and it has been great. All my cast members are talented and awesome! We will be filming next week. I will be providing updated photos and video as I embark on this first time journey. The sit-com is about a group of close college friends who move out to Hollywood to go for  their dreams. Here are a few shots from the rehearsals. Make sure you like our page on facebook at Studio City Show and on Twitter.
rehearsal 2 studio city rehearsal

Check me out in the new hilarious episode of Howton U. It was great working with the cast and crew on this set because it was a house party. Aint nuffing like a good house party. Make sure you follow the series and ofcourse follow me on kenyontv on ya youtubes!