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2015 Brand New Year!I am celebrating the new years today! I’m preparing to have new things in the new year. New projects, new auditions, new bookings, new agents, new scripts, new pilots. New living quarters because I don’t like the apartment or neighborhood I live in. New content on on the Youtube page (kenyontvlive shameless plug). New meetings! New friends. Forget what Drake says because I’m always down to meet new friends. So to start this day of my brand new year of 2015 off right and I have a new interview I did with the Girlz In The Wood podcast! These talented girls showed me so much love as I talked about my journey in acting thus far. The ups and the downs of this industy we all love. Make sure you check them out every week for great interviews. http://http://shoutengine.com/GirlzintheWood/shake-what-yo-mommagave-you-with-kenyon-long-5264girlzinthewoodhttp://shoutengine.com/GirlzintheWood/shake-what-yo-momma-gave-you-with-kenyon-long-5264 .